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  • August 13, 2018
coffee cup advertisment being held in front of traditional media banner

Make the of most of your marketing spread by using the powerful dovetail effect of coffee cup advertising. The dovetail effect refers to the path to purchase of the target audience. Advertisers typically use a wide range of media for visibility, brand recall and direct action. With the dovetail effect, you expose your target audience to your ads using different forms of media so they will be more likely to remember your brand and take action when they are prompted to take action at a connection point.

For example, an advertising campaign that takes the dovetail effect into account will display ads on billboards or other large format outdoor advertising to give customers brief exposure to the message, building brand recall - then a coffee cup advertising campaign will be run throughout cafes in the CBD to complete the customer's path to purchase.

After already been exposed to the billboard on their commute into work, the target audience will typically make a stop at their favorite coffee shop for their morning dose of caffeine. Upon receiving their dose of feel good avertising, the miniature billboard filled with their favourite coffee will then sit on their desk. Since they are within arm's reach of their computers and devices, conversion is easy. They can then go to the website, take advantage of the offer, sign up for membership, or buy a product — all before the lunch break.

Coffee Cup Advertising Completes the Equation

Coffee cup advertising is a perfect complement to traditional advertising. It is direct, vibrant, economical and more persuasive as consumers come into direct contact with your brand and your message while they are in a positive mindset enjoying their favourite coffee. Furthermore, it creates a tangible, feel good connection to your brand, driving home your message stronger then any other medium. Coffee cup advertising via Reach Media's bespoke experiential campaigns truly are Australia's most loved advertising.

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