New study shows that Australians are one of the world’s great lovers of coffee.

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  • February 28, 2015
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Australia’s vibrant coffee culture is ever-growing. According to industry research company Ibisworld’s latest industry report, the cafe and coffee shop industry will continue to grow over the next five years by an annualised 2.6 percent to total $4.96 billion. The growth is happening across the country where you will find local coffee culture as serious business. Coffee is now the dominant hot drink in Australia with 2.1 billion cups bought from cafes and other vendors each year!

Who drinks the most coffee?

Roy Morgan found that those who worked 60 or more hours in any given week consumed an average 10.1 cups weekly, compared to 8.6 cups for non-workers or 8.8 cups for those who worked 35 to 39 hours. Whilst it makes sense that longer hours in the office requires more coffee, it was found that the workers also rely heavily on other caffeine stimulants to get them through those long days.

Why Coffee Cup Advertising works.

Flat Whites, Cappuccinos, Long Blacks, whatever type of coffee it might be, people love their coffee (the stats above don’t lie).

Coffee Cup advertising looks at providing your brand with the perfect way to connect with your customers during their daily coffee ritual in a highly interactive way.

Why it works:

  • On average the consumption time of a coffee is over 37 minutes, this provides a unique and innovative way to connect with your most ideal audience during their daily coffee ritual. During this consumption time, 6 other people will also see the advertised cup.

  • 84% of takeaway coffees purchased in the CBD are consumed sitting at a computer desk (CupAd LLC 2009). If an interest is sparked, customers are able to take online action instantly.

  • Minimise media wastage and only target your most ideal audience. Your dedicated Reach Media Campaign Manager will assist you with the delivery of your campaign and will ensure that your cups will only reach the people you want to reach.

Contact the team at Reach Media at [email protected] to discuss how we can look to strengthen your brand and attract new customers using Coffee Cup Advertising.

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