Lung Foundation Australia

Lung Foundation Australia recently launched a national Community Awareness Campaign asking Australians to ‘Check in’ with their lungs. The campaign encourages people to complete the Lung Health Checklist online and think about their lungs before health issues arise.

corporate women holding lung foundation campaign cups

Our Approach

Working closely with the Lung Foundation, we strategically distributed the 'Check in with your lungs' advertised cups within close proximity to nearby LF outdoor billboards in Brisbane’s CBD to create a powerful dovetail effect. With customers already being exposed to nearby ads, the advertised cups acted as a great call to action driver with CBD workers typically consuming their coffee next to a computer. The combination of a visual appealing and engaging ad creative along with the tactical campaign delivery proved to be very successful.

You can read more about this innovative campaign via the following link.

coffee cup advertising lung foundation campaign cup front view

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